Meet The Team

Jayme Blasiman

Jayme is an author, speaker, podcast host, a business consultant, and an influencer among women in the automotive, skilled trades and mortorsports industries. She is the founder, owner and podcast host of Femcanic Tools.  She is also the podcast host and owner of Femcanic Garage.   Jayme co-owns Women’s Motor Fest and HerStory Telling.  You can learn more about each of these companies by visiting Femcanic Group.

Femcanic Tools, at it’s core holds the same overarching values as the collection of companies in Femcanic Group and that is:

Through women’s shared accomplishments, careers, and dreams, the Femcanic companies elevate and empower women to realize their highest potential. Together we strive to smash stereotypes and break barriers for women in male-dominated industries and evolve the world to see us as the leaders that we are.

As a serial entrepreneur, Jayme’s had many ventures in the business world, but none has sparked her fire like celebrating and elevating female entrepenures.

Femcanic Tools Mission:

Help female small business owners get stupid rich!

Letter From Jayme B.

My name is Jayme Blasiman, the founder and owner of Femcanic Tools. Once upon a time I was a financial advisor for Morgan Stanley for just under a decade. My next chapter included spending about 10 years as a program manager, managing multi-million dollar projects. During this time I discovered my super power…a master at implementation. I have a gift for taking an idea and bringing it to the real world. I guess you could say, I get shit done while setting the people up around me for success to also get a lot of shit done. And not just get stuff done for the sake of getting it done but doing the right things that get results and generate revenue.
I spent about 20 years in corporate america while having a side hustle because I always felt like I did not belong there. During this time it became very clear to me that climbing the corporate ladder and getting more women “a seat at the table” was NOT the answer! The real mentoring and business deals are made at the bar and golf course. Focusing on the “seat at the table” is just a distraction leading women to focus on the wrong thing. Moving women away from real wealth. As a financial advisor, I had the opportunity to work with many multi-millionaires, I studied their path to getting stupid rich and it is NOT what women are being told by the media.
At Femcanic Tools, we believe the quantum leap for women will happen when there are hundreds of thousands of wildly successful and profitable female business owners. Women should never settle for “a seat at the table” when she can own the whole damn table! I always knew I wanted to help women (inspired by wanting to create a better world for women because of my daughter).
I have taken my knowledge and experience as a financial advisor and program manager and created programs and training for female small business owners. This information has only been shared at the bar and the golf course and I am making it available to you! Our clients have seen 15-20% revenue growth in six months. You know the saying…”He who holds the gold makes the decisions”. It’s time for women to hold the gold and not just manage and do the work for someone else to hold the gold.