Meet The Team

Jayme Blasiman

Jayme is an author, speaker, podcast host, a business consultant, and an influencer among women in the automotive, skilled trades and mortorsports industries. She is the founder, owner and podcast host of Femcanic Tools.  She is also the podcast host and owner of Femcanic Garage.   Jayme co-owns Women’s Motor Fest and HerStory Telling.  You can learn more about each of these companies by visiting Femcanic Group.

Femcanic Tools, at it’s core holds the same overarching values as the collection of companies in Femcanic Group and that is:

Through women’s shared accomplishments, careers, and dreams, the Femcanic companies elevate and empower women to realize their highest potential. Together we strive to smash stereotypes and break barriers for women in male-dominated industries and evolve the world to see us as the leaders that we are.

As a serial entrepreneur, Jayme’s had many ventures in the business world, but none has sparked her fire like celebrating and elevating female entrepenures.

Jayme is a hunter of female empowerment.  She seeks out women who break the norms and demonstrate to all of us what’s really possible for women.   She learns what those extraordinary women do that’s different from other women and then practice their mindset and framework.  Jayme finds out what works, and then she clarifies it, simplifies it, and create a framework that any woman can follow.  Probably most importantly produce the same success and results.

Profound Knowledge =

Information that is very simple AND massively impactful

Femcanic Garage | Brand Session

"I will never claim that I am perfect at everything I teach and share. I am on the same journey you are on....continually taking uncomfortable action. There are some days that I kick butt and other days I do not. I am a curator and creator of profound knowledge that is packaged in such a way that elevates small and mid-sized businesses."